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Goosebumps and Giggles: cute things children said this year

"Teacher, are you doing something with those yogurt mats?" (referring to the yoga mats we used this year in our new preschool yoga sessions)

"That light in the cage keeps the baby chicks warm cause their momma went to the pharmacy."

(the explanation for the mother being at the farm and not being in the cage after we incubated chicken eggs)

While one child was playing with a toy another came along and wanted to play with it. So the child problem solved and came up with an idea and suggested “In twenty-sixty minutes it will be your turn; I will come and get you.” ( We love it when they begin to learn the concept of time and sharing)

One student was organizing a musical band and asked another to be in the band. The second child asked if they could sing the song “Uptown Funk” and the first child responded “Sorry, I don’t have that song in my throat”.

When having apple juice the teacher Ms. Jean asked “Where does apple juice come from?” A child quickly responded “My Nanas and McDonalds.”

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