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Preparing your child for preschool

Learn some helpful tips for preparing your child for preschool. Below are a few details from an informative article. Click on the link to read the full article, too!

Establish a set schedule.

Children learn best when routines and daily schedules are established. "Routines provide opportunities to learn about order, sequencing, and concepts of time. Established routines make for smoother transitions and help children to prepare mentally for the day ahead while providing frameworks in which creative learning can occur."

Take advantage of teachable moments.

Help ease your child into the idea of attending preschool by casually mentioning fun and exciting details that relate to preschool. For example, when you are in the car driving with your child, point out fun things like playgrounds and remind your child, "Your preschool will have a playground like that!".

Plan a sneak peak of the school.

Allowing your child to explore and learn about the preschool prior to the first day of school can be a great way to allow them to feel comfortable and at ease. NUMCECC offers individual tours of the center, call to schedule!

Look out for separation anxiety.

It is normal for both your child and yourself to feel some anxiety about this new endeavor. Help them to feel safe and comfortable by displaying those feelings yourself. Keep goodbyes short, sweet, and simple. This will show your child that you feel confident and comfortable with the preschool and his teachers, and that he should too!

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